Thursday, 29 January 2009

~ LTAS Virtual Highlight ~

A collage of photos taken during the first LTAS road show held at the Monrovia YMCA. Themed "Know Your Status", the event brought together over three hundred youths, out of which 97 took advantage of the opportunity to get tested for HIV.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I Have Something To Tell You

LTAS Host Janice Pratt was one of ten Liberian girls starring in a UNFPA/ UNICEF documentary, produced for the recently-held International Women's Colloquium, titled “I Have Something to Tell You”. In the documentary, the ten girls write about the past, their dreams and the challenges they face in a country hard hit by years of war and carnage. Some of the girls explained their stories of rape, sexual harassment and rejection. There was awestruck silence in the hall as the documentary was been screened. The life stories of those girls were so powerful; it silenced the most hardened spectator. As Janice put it, “I stood in a room with nine other girls, and the aura felt like it was the most powerful room in the world”.

Click here to read the official story on the UNICEF website.

Friday, 28 November 2008

LTAS News Updates

Mahmud Departs for Cape Town, South Africa

LTAS Host Mahmud Johnson has left the country to join over 75 other young people to attend the Global Changemakers African Youth Summit, taking place in Cape Town, South Africa. Read More>>>


The LTAS Spotlight, this month, features Host Kula V. Fofana. Kula was honored by the Universal Peace Federation and the Youth Federation for World Peace as a Young Peace Ambassador. The occasion was the Global Peace Tour 2009 in Monrovia. Speaking to the LTAS News team after the program, Ms. Fofana dedicated the honor to the young people of Liberia, especially females. “I will prefer you calling me Ambassador Fofana”, she joked. Read More>>>
Listeners love listening to the 30-minute exciting, energy-packed radio show but would probably be incredulous to know how many hours every week need to be put into the production of a single episode of the “Let’s Talk About Sex” radio show. The hit weekly youth radio show is the result of a combined team effort, with the four youth hosts committing up to 40 hours of work each week, in addition to those of other staff and radio producers who work on the team. But even more, there are some prominent organizations and institutions that provide the logistical and technical support needed to make the show formidable tool that it has become today in the fight against HIV and unintended pregnancy in Liberia. Read More>>>

Yvonne Orji was the PSI/Liberia SmartChoice Outreach Coordinator from October 2008-April 2009. While at PSI she worked with the LTAS hosts on various outreach events and created educational materials to help youth learn the facts about HIV transmission and teenage pregnancy so they can make informed and healthy lifestyle choices. Yvonne also helped create marketing materials for the youth forum during the Colloquium. Her main focus during her stay in Liberia was developing the iLEAD Girls Mentoring Program, which will focus on providing positive adult mentors and role models for young Liberian women to encouraging their academic, personal and professional achievement. Ms. Orji holds a BA in Sociology and an MPH in Global Health Promotion from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. She is passionate about working with youth in development because she firmly believes that young people are excellent catalysts for change.

A native of Nigeria (from the Igbo tribe), Yvonne enjoys traveling the globe and meeting people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Her travels, mostly for humanitarian purposes, have taken her to Belize, the Dominican Republic and now to Liberia. She speaks her native tongue of Igbo, Spanish, English, and is diligently trying to master Liberian English. Read More>>>

“Your Sex; Your Health”

Aptly dubbed by the LTAS team “Your Sex; Your Health; Your Life; Your Choices”, the month of April saw a comprehensive dissemination of social health related information by the hosts and guests on the Let’s Talk About Sex radio show. The discussions subtly deviated from the mainstream topics of disease and wellness to more commonplace issues like “Making Right Choices: Taking Life to Your Dreams”, “Abortion vs. Early Parenthood”, “The Girl Child in the Home (essentially gender roles and norms in our Liberian setting)”, and “Take Control of Your Life: Don’t go With the Gutter Flow”. As these topics were being discussed, young people were constantly reminded of how important it is to make smart decisions in their days of youth because these decisions tend to have long term effects on their lives. Read More>>>


LTAS Actively Participates in International Colloquium

The LTAS hosts played active roles in the just-ended International Women’s Colloquium, as well as the International Youth Forum that preceded the Colloquium, in various capacities. Mahmud, Janice and Kula were delegates to the Youth Forum, while Bookman served as a volunteer in the Youth Forum’s Secretariat. PSI’s was also one of the hundreds of booths trading wares and products at the Colloquium Trade Fair.


LTAS: Who’s Out and Who’s In?

The LTAS Team witnessed this month the going out of two of its members, as well as the coming in of two new members. Lydia Nimley, former Coordinator of the Let’s Talk About Sex radio show, contract expired with PSI/Liberia, and she opted not to renew it because she intends to pursue another career path. Read More>>>



In this debut edition of our “Supporter Spotlight” series, we feature Lisa White, Senior Radio Producer at UNMIL Radio. Ms. White is a native of New Jersey, USA, and she worked at the United Nations Radio in New York before joining UNMIL Radio. In 1993, she graduated from the California State University at Fresno with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, and in 2000 she received a Master’s degree in Political Science with concentration in International Relations from Long Island University in Brooklyn. Lisa is the official producer of the Let’s Talk About Sex radio show at UNMIL Radio. Read More>>>

LTAS Introduces New Drama Series

2009 ushers in new things for the LTAS show. A potent addition to the radio show is the new 5-minute weekly “Let’s Talk About Sex” drama series that will portray real life issues that affect the young people of Liberia. Read More>>>


BDOTC Comes Alive With LTAS!

Friday, January 30, 2009 was another day of fun and experience sharing for the LTAS hosts, as they were the official guests at the General Assembly of the Business and Domestic Occupational Training Center (BDOTC) along the ELWA Road. At the Center, the Hosts talked to the audience about the show, and got a lot of good responses. Read More>>>


And Still I Rise ~ LTAS Hosts Glow at National Women's Concert

Lights. Camera. Action! It was entertainment at its peak at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion on Saturday January, 31, 2009, and LTAS Hosts Janice Pratt and Bookman Muapoe, and PSI/ SMARTChoice® Outreach Intern Princess Pitman were at the center of it all. Read More>>>


LTAS Hosts Participate in Virtual Dialogue Videoconference

On Thursday, January 22, 2008, the four LTAS co-hosts, Janice, Mahmud, Kula, and Bookman, joined sixteen other prominent Liberian youths in what was the first edition of a three-part series of virtual dialogues aimed at engaging women and young people on issues pertinent to women’s leadership and empowerment. It was a pre-event of International Women’s Colloquium on Women’s Empowerment, Leadership Development, International Peace and Security, which will be co-covened by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia and President Tarja Halonen of Finland. Read More>>>


Practice what You Preach!!!

“Practice what you preach” has now become a hackneyed expression in contemporary Liberia, yea the world. But the actual connotation of this phrase came to life on Friday, November 6, 2008 when the four youthful co-hosts of the “Let’s Talk About Sex” Radio show (Janice Pratt, Mahmud Johnson, Kula Fofana, and Bookman Muapoe) turned out at the Monrovia YMCA/ Merlin youth drop-in center to get tested for HIV/AIDS. [Read More>>>


Missionaries of Charity

On Friday, October 17, 2008, the LTAS Hosts visited the Missionaries of Charity home located on Tubman Boulevard. The show hosts (Mahmud, Janice, Bookman, Kula), led by their Coordinator Mrs. Lydia Nimley, also made a donation of two cartons of soap and a gallon of Dettol to the home. [Read More>>>


Ma Ellen Hits 70 With the Youths

What could be a more perfect way of kicking 7o years old than spending it youthfully? October 27, 2008 marked the 70th birth anniversary of Africa’s first female president, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf which also coincided with the National Youth Day celebration. [Read More>>>


Let's Talk About Sex Hosts Grace the Ms. Malaika Event in Style!

It was fashion and flair on a Saturday night. It was drama, and dancing, and tears. It was the Ms. Malaika beauty pageant at the Unity Conference Center outside Monrovia.
Thousands of Liberians – old and young—trooped at the Unity Conference Center on Saturday, October 5, 2008 to get a first-hand account of the grand finale of the spectacular and well-publicized Ms. Malaika Beauty Pageant Beauty of African Origin. Showcasing ten attractive and eloquent Liberian young damsels, the Ms. Malaika sought to project beauty and pageantry in the real African sense; plump shape, deeply round curves, et al, and also sought to dispel the “westernized” sense of beauty that usually portray pencil-thin girls of six to seven inches in height, with long sharp noses, hollow cheeks, curling eyelashes. [Read More>>>


LTAS Hosts meet with Sis. Barbara Brilliant, Dean of the Mother Patern College of Health Sciences

On October 14, 2008, the LTAS four co-hosts; Janice, Mahmud, Kula, and Bookman, paid a courtesy visit to Sis. Barbara Brilliant, Dean of the Mother Patern College of Health Sciences, and head of the Catholic Archdiocesan HIV/AIDS desk. The hosts held a very fruitful discussion with Sis. Barbara, as they weighed various dimensions and points of view in terms of discussing sex. [Read More>>>


A Star Is Born

Is there another Liberian star?

Yes, there is!

Just a couple of days preceding November 1, 2008, radio announcers were sounding like broken records over information about the first general audition in Monrovia for UNMIL’s “Star Is Born” singing competition. Therefore, we were not taken aback by watching the huge influx of youngsters pouring in at the Salvation Army Vocational School in Sinkor to be auditioned for this year’s spectacular singing competition that promises US$2,000.00 and other goodies for the teenager that emerges as winner! [Read More>>>